Learn Excel Course in Urdu

Learn Excel Course in Urdu

Become Expert in Excel
What's Included
  • Unlimited life time access to course
  • 3 hours 7 minutes on demand video
  • Content: 1 sections & 12 lectures
  • Course Level: All Levels
  • Access on mobile, Tablet & PCs
  • Online support from teacher
Course Details

What Will I Learn?

  • Able to create formula
  • Able to use features and tools
  • Able to design spreadsheets and apply formula


  • Excel Office Product installed
  • Computer Basic


In this course you will be able to use all formula of this. Learn Excel Course in Urdu. Full Video training course with outstanding way of covering all topics easily. 

Your Teacher

Team of Skool.pk

I work at Skool.pk. I am an IT professional and working on online projects for last many years. Please feel free to get in touch! read more.


1. Introduction

6 minute video

2. An Overview

12 minute video

3. File Menu

7 minute video

4. Home Menu

1h 1m video

5. Insert

40 minute video

6. Page Layout

9 minute video

7. Formulas Part 1

3 minute video

8. Formulas Part 2

18 minute video

9. Reviews

8 minute video

10. View

11 minute video

11. How Type Urdu In Word Excel Photoshop

7 minute video

12. Notes



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