Learn Javascript in Urdu - Online Javascript Course

Learn Javascript in Urdu - Online Javascript Course

Learn Javascript in Urdu - Online Javascript Course
What's Included
  • Unlimited life time access to course
  • 3 hours 40 minutes on demand video
  • Content: 1 sections & 21 lectures
  • Course Level: All Levels
  • Access on mobile, Tablet & PCs
  • Online support from teacher
Course Details

What Will I Learn?

  • Able to create program of JS
  • Able to know make any basic app in JavaScript


  • Any Web Browser
  • Basic of HTML
  • Any Text Editor or Synwrite


Complete Training for client side development. Learn Javascript in Urdu - Online Javascript Course. Best technology for web master. Everybody can get this course. It is very easy tech no doubt. In addition you learn from basic to little bit in advance. 

Your Teacher

Team of Skool.pk

I work at Skool.pk. I am an IT professional and working on online projects for last many years. Please feel free to get in touch! read more.


1. Introduction

8 minute video

2. Software Installation

2 minute video

3. My First Program

8 minute video

4. Call Fucntion From Head Onclick

8 minute video

5. Embed External Js File Into Html

7 minute video

6. Variable And Datatype In Js

12 minute video

7. Arithmetical Operators

21 minute video

8. Compersional Operators

16 minute video

9. Logical Operators

12 minute video

10. Assignment Operators Inc And Decre Operators

19 minute video

11. If Esle

18 minute video

12. If Else If Else

10 minute video

13. Switch Condition

14 minute video

14. While Loop

14 minute video

15. Do While Loop

5 minute video

16. For Loop

5 minute video

17. Functions

7 minute video

18. User Define Function

4 minute video

19. Arrays

12 minute video

20. Final Class

5 minute video

21. Source Codes



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