Learn Adobe Illustrator in Urdu

Learn Adobe Illustrator in Urdu

Learn Adobe Illustrator in Urdu
What's Included
  • Unlimited life time access to course
  • 3 hours 29 minutes on demand video
  • Content: 1 sections & 18 lectures
  • Course Level: All Levels
  • Access on mobile, Tablet & PCs
  • Online support from teacher
Course Details

What Will I Learn?

  • Use of Tools
  • Create Logo
  • Design Graphics


  • Computer Basic Skill (Use of PC)
  • Software Installed
  • Windows and Apple (Operating System)


In this course you will learn in detail. About Learn Adobe Illustrator in Urdu. Complete video training course for beginners. Expert and professional also get advantages of it. 

Course outline for Learn Adobe Illustrator in Urdu

  • Introduction 
  • Illustrator features
  • Use of Tools
  • Project
  • Create logo

Course overview for Illustrator

this course will help you. In the field of graphic design. Truly speaking if you put your interest in the course. You can easily get more knowledge. 

Your Teacher

Team of Skool.pk

I work at Skool.pk. I am an IT professional and working on online projects for last many years. Please feel free to get in touch! read more.


1. Introduction

7 minute video

2. About Illustrator

9 minute video

3. Create And Save

18 minute video

4. Tool Bar Part 1

13 minute video

5. Tool Bar Part 2

24 minute video

6. Tool Bar Part 3

18 minute video

7. Tool Bar Part 4

13 minute video

8. Tool Bar Part 5

13 minute video

9. Sidebar Panels

12 minute video

10. File Menu

8 minute video

11. Edit Menu

13 minute video

12. Object Menu

11 minute video

13. Type Menu

10 minute video

14. Select Menu

4 minute video

15. Effect Menu

14 minute video

16. View Menu

7 minute video

17. Window

7 minute video

18. Notes



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