Information Technology Essentials

Information Technology Essentials

A look at IT as a discipline , its evolution , core topics , current and future trends
What's Included
  • Unlimited life time access to course
  • 2 hours 24 minutes on demand video
  • Content: 4 sections & 15 lectures
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Access on mobile, Tablet & PCs
  • Online support from teacher
Course Details

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will be able to understand Information Technology as a discipline, understand its application explained through various examples , leading firms in IT and their offerings , current and future trends in Technology


  • Anyone can take it who is a PC or a smartphone user.


This course offers essential knowledge of IT to people without a formal education in IT. This helps them understand how IT has evolved over the years and what are the current and future trends.

یہ کورس ان لوگوں کے لیے بہترین ہے جو اپنے آفس میں یا کام پر کمپوٹر یا سمارٹ فون استعمال تو کر رہے ہیں مگر انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی کی باقاعدہ تعلیم حاصل نہیں کی . اس کورس کے ایڈوانس ٹاپکس سب کے لیے ہی مفیدھوں گے جن میں جدید  ٹیکنالوجی کے استعمال اور مستقبل پر بات کی گئی ہے 

Your Teacher

Serial Entrepreneur, Product Manager and Teacher


1. What does this Course Cover

5 minute video

2. Introduction to the Trainer


3. Data vs Information and the DIKW pyramid

11 minute video

4. Characteristics of quality information

9 minute video

5. Defining information technology

5 minute video

6. Computer Hardware

11 minute video

7. Input and Output Devices

8 minute video

8. Storage Devices

15 minute video

9. Computer Software

18 minute video

10. Internet vs WWW

4 minute video

11. Internet - History and Infrastructure

8 minute video

12. A look at an Internet Minute

7 minute video

13. Cellular Evolution and Smartphone

9 minute video

14. Smartphones and other trends

9 minute video

15. Current and Future trends in ICT

18 minute video


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