How To Create a Course On

How To Create a Course On

This course is made for teachers so that they could learn the process for creating and publishing online courses.
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  • 0 hours 13 minutes on demand video
  • Content: 1 sections & 9 lectures
  • Course Level: All Levels
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Course Details

What Will I Learn?

  • Screen recording using a Free software
  • Upload and publish online courses
  • Make online income with video courses


  • An active Teacher's account on


This course explains details about creating and publishing online courses and also answers the major questions asked by the teachers.

It also contains videos that describe what is, why you should create online courses and what's in it for teachers. Other modules describe the payment options and tips for creating your first online course.

Most frequent questions from teachers we get is, "how to do screen recording". There is a video which covers all aspects of screen recording plus it show you a demo how you can do it. No just that, it provides you the link to free screen recording software that can be used on Microsoft Windows.

Once all the videos have been recorded, this course will show you step by step options to upload it on Feel free to ask us for more help.

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1. What is

1 minute video

2. What's in it for Teachers?

1 minute video

3. What Can I Teach Here?

0 minute video

4. How Do I Get Paid?

0 minute video

5. First Course Should be Free or Paid?

2 minute video

6. Creating a Paid Course

1 minute video

7. How To Do Screen Recording?

2 minute video

8. How To Upload a Course?

3 minute video

9. Contact Us

0 minute video


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